Tram nostalgia

Trams used to be an important means of transport in Brisbane. The first tram rolled along tracks from Logan Road at Woolloongabba to the southern end of the Victoria Bridge on June 21, 1897.  The Brisbane Tramways Company started with 20 trams and expanded to almost 200 more modern trams and trolley buses.

With the rise of cars and a massive fire that gutted a major depot, tram patronage declined. Trams were gradually replaced by the more economical motorised buses.  The last trams ran in April 1969. Today many people look back on the tram era with nostalgia and regret.

Here’s a summary of trams in Brisbane:

Overview of trams in Brisbane.

The first trams in 1885 were pulled by horses. They were replaced by electric trams in June 1897.

Accidents did happen! fortunately this one had a good outcome.

Boy’s lucky escape from a tram accident.