Collision at the ‘Gabba 1949.

Amazingly no-one was seriously injured when a tram, truck and car collided near the Woolloongabba Post Office on 1 February 1949. Here’s how the accident was described in the Telegraph.

Collision at the ‘Gabba.
Collision at the Gabba in 1949. (The Telegraph, 1 February 1949)

It is understood that a small car driven by William Stewart, of 67 Oxlade Drive New Farm was pulling out from the kerb behind a stationary bus.

As the small car drove between an inbound Holland Park tram and the bus, a heavy truck, driven by Joseph Dennis of Slacks Creek came up from behind the small car. It struck the car violently and rebounded on to the front cabin of the tram. As the crash appeared inevitable women screamed.

Although the car was badly damaged the driver had a remarkable escape. He received only a severe shaking. The tram and truck received only superficial damage.

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