Kangaroo Point Rovers Football Club

Article in the City South News re the 100 year celebrations

On 12 August 2018  the Kangaroo Point football club, which has its home in Raymond Park next to the Pineapple Hotel, celebrated its centenary as ‘100 Years of Piney Football’. The occasion was marked by a match against Bardon Latrobe Football Club, another one of the oldest football clubs in Brisbane.

The Pineapple Rovers Soccer Club ca. 1924 (State Library of Queensland)

The first football club was founded in the late 1800s. It was called the Pineapple Rovers and played in what was known as the Pineapple Sportsground/ Pineapple Sportsfield (now Raymond Park) named after the adjacent Pineapple Hotel which had been established in 1864. The first competitive soccer game was played in 1884.

Pineapple Rovers Soccer Club excursion on the river ca. 1918

The club went through a number of highs and lows over the years finally disbanding in 1934.

The Daily Standard, 12 April 1934 reporting the end of the Pineapple Rovers

It was reformed in 1996 and renamed the Kangaroo Point Rovers Football Club in 2005.

Google street view of the Kangaroo Point Rovers Soccer Club at 140 Baines Street.