Story Bridge 1940s-1960s


A classic view from south to north from the Story Bridge. Bowen Terrace and Petrie Bight showing new wharfage and junction of schist and tuff rock, 4 March 1941. (Queensland State Archives, ID: 4057)


Water colour of Story Bridge painted in 1944 by Harris, Russell. (State Library of Victoria. ID: 1862688


Walker on the Story Bridge in 1949. (supplied:Gary C)

Christopher P. I’ve done that before. I love walking the bridge in the night. Would have loved to have done this back when this photo was taken. How beautiful it looks now is nothing compared to what it is these days.
Angelo C.  Wouldn’t see that too often these days!!! Awesome photo!!!
Barbara A.N. I would have been too scared to walk it at night. I hope he wasn’t going to take a dive.


Postcard ca. 1950. (State Library of Victoria)

Peter C. Taken from the grounds of All Hallows’ School


Story Bridge congestion in 1967. (Royal Historical Society of Queensland)

Marie A. What a great photo .Thank You . Before the overpass I don’t remember the BP sign?
Laurie C. I do
Peter C. Must have been taken from Mt Olivet
Steve D. Great photograph.
Pip C.  Gosh….. only 51 years ago….. such a lot has changed in that time
Rob R.  We lived 2 houses up from that BP sign, thanks for the memory