Anglican Church Grammar School

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Pictorial Timeline

The school was founded in 1912 by Canon William Perry French Morris at Toowong and was relocated to the present site on Oaklands Parade, East Brisbane in 1918. It was entered on the Brisbane City Council Local Heritage Register on 1 January 2011.

The pictorial timeline gives a brief history of the school’s early days. All photos are from the State Library of Queensland. Full description below:

  1. 1917 – Laying of the Foundation Stone. The Governor addressing the assemblage after declaring the stone “well and truly laid”. Archbishop Donaldson is seated just behind his Excellency.
  2. 1917 – The audience listening to the Governor’s address at the Laying of the Foundation Stone ceremony.
  3. 1918 – The Church of England Grammar School shortly after the official openening on 10 June, 1918.
  4. ca. 1924 – Looking up from Norman Creek at some of the earliest buildings on the right, nicknamed ‘The Box’ and ‘The Brick’. They were opened on 12 February 1918.
  5. 1924 – The Canon Jones Memorial Chapel is the second-oldest ‘Churchie’ building. When it was dedicated on 4 May 1924 it was located on the highest part of open fields. Today it is surrounded by grand buildings in the traditional style of red bricks, steep tiled roofs and cream capping.