Car skids across Victoria Bridge

from the Daily Mail 8 March 1925

”An unusual accident occurred on the Victoria Bridge on Saturday afternoon.  One motor car skidded across the roadway, and while it was in this position, another car, travelling in the same direction, ran into it. Herbert Orch was driving a car, the property of F Kangan of Annerley Road, South Brisbane, across the bridge towards the city, and after passing  another automobile he was crossing the tram rails when the rear wheels of the car skidded on the wet rails. The vehicle turned right across the road way and struck the truss of the bridge.

Erin Hadley Raymond, of Annerley, was driving a car immediately behind the one that skidded, and before he had time to pull up there was a collision.
Kangan’s car was damaged to the extent of £250 while the other car was damaged to the extent of about £55. No damage was done to the bridge.”

Car accident on the Victoria Bridge in 1925. (Daily Mail 8 March 1925)


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