1920s School clock saved from the dump

What’s special about this clock? It used to hang in a classroom in the  Kangaroo Point State School. Many past students remember it well. Here are some of their memories.

Leone E. Looks like clocks we had at Kangaroo Point State School in the 1950s.
Colleen F. It feels like the clock I learned to tell the time on at Kangaroo Point State School. Early 1950s.
Greg M. It certainly looks like the clocks we had at Everton Park State School. Maybe they had the Education Dept contract?
Laurie C. The ubiquitous state school clock!
Nev M. They seemed to be in the classrooms until the 70s. Each week the teacher would wind up the clock with a key.

Here’s the rest of the story.
Andrew C. It now hangs in a house in Carindale. Still working.
George C. In 1971 I was staying with my in-laws at 2 O’Donnell Street (a Dodd’s/Flower heritage house) which had rented accommodation. One Irish couple Joe and Eileen lived in the middle section. Joe laboured at the school site and saved the clock from being dumped.

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