Kangaroo Point School has Best Road Patrol

Remember the days when students did road patrols? Seems that students at Kangaroo Point State School were very good at it back in 1954.

Leone E. We  did them at Kangaroo Point State School  and I must say we were diligent doing same as the streets outside our school (Main Street, Kangaroo Point in particular and River Terrace) were very busy even in the 1950’s!!!
Jacinta B.  What was a road patrol, Christa?
Christa G. senior students used to patrol the school crossing outside the school before and after school so kids could cross the road safely. Now done by the ‘Lollipop ladies’
Jacinta B. Ah, that makes sense! thanks for letting me know Christa.
Paul B. Ah, road patrols, I only know them as what the lollipop ladies do, how interesting.
Sandra H. Where I live children still do patrols and all over England it’s always been done.

2 thoughts on “Kangaroo Point School has Best Road Patrol”

  1. We were lucky we had a policeman on our crossing at Coorparoo State Primary school back in 1966. We used to have to say ‘Good morning sir’ as we crossed the road. Loved it.

  2. John King says:

    Yes, I remember doing the patrol when I attended KPSS on River Terrace (I think the Main Street crossing must have been done away with by 1960?) as a responsible (???) Grade 7 person.
    A greater concern for us as students however, was if we kicked a football over the fence as we weren’t allowed to retrieve it (sadly someone fell from the edge to their death the previous year I started at KPSS).
    I have the most wonderful memories of this beautiful school as a young student from grade 4 through to grade 7..
    John King

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