East Brisbane State School nostalgia 1990

An East Brisbane State School student reminisces about watching cricket at the Gabba
“…I liked it better in the higher grades as we then had male teachers. When we finished our sums on Fridays we were allowed to join them on the veranda to watch the cricket at the Gabba grounds. Guess who became very good at maths! But I could never beat the Russian kids who excelled in everything even though they didn’t like cricket. I could never figure that out.

We had a private entrance to the cricket ground through a hole in the fence behind the toilet. We hunted autographs and were allowed on the field with the players at the end of the day’s play.”

Excerpt from ‘Remembering’ by Rita Zoch, in Looking Around – an anthology of articles and stories about East Brisbane in 1990. Gerry Stiller (ed)

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