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The former Woolloongabba Police Station,  842-848 Main Street, Woolloongabba.
The Woolloongabba Police Station in 1913.

The Woolloongabba Police Station was built in 1912-13 on a block between Main Street and Vulture Street. It is the first purpose built police station in Woolloongabba, the previous two having been in rented properties.

The building was designed by Government architect A.B. Brady and built for £4,539. The main purpose was to provide accommodation for the officers.

The design became the model for future police stations. The two-storeyed building was vertically divided with residence for the senior commanding officers on one side and attached barracks containing day room and mess for the constables. The day room was the main base for station operations. Four cells were located in the basement.

The station in 1922

“This design reflected the contemporary mode of policing, whereby duty for constables generally involved patrolling the beat on foot and pursuing inquiries. Patrols were undertaken throughout 24 hours, divided into three eight-hour shifts, and the main function of the station was therefore to provide accommodation for police officers. Electric lights were installed at the station in 1925, and it was connected to sewage in 1926. In 1928, a dining room for constables was added to the rear of the station. (Source: State Heritage Register).

In 1934 the station was chosen as the Headquarters for the South Coast Police District (at that time covering about 20160 square miles) because of its central location, room for expansion and expected opening of the Story Bridge. As more office space was now required, the Senior Sergeant had to vacate his rooms to provide this.

The former Woolloongabba Police Station Building in 1995

The station closed on 7 July 1993 and police operations moved to the Dutton Park station the next day. The building was entered on the State Heritage Register on 25 November 1994 – see link below for details.