Story Bridge construction

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Site of the future Story Bridge.Story Bridge site 1931 (Queensland State Library)

Adrienne P.  Wonderful photo! Excellent historical detail
Muriel A.  A fascinating photo to study
Paul G.   Good view of All Hallows School
Adrienne P.  At least they haven’t yet destroyed the layout of (most) of the streets on KP. I can (sort of) spot the roof of GGF’s house on the corner of Annie and Wicklow. It was torn down in March 2014
Rachel E.G.    Wonderful historic vista


BRISBANE RIVER BRIDGE- The Telegraph 3 November 1888“A public meeting was held in the Town Hall last night for the purpose of urging the Government to construct a bridge from North Brisbane to Kangaroo Point. 
The Chairman briefly explained the object of the meeting and called on Mr W. Williams to move the first resolution:
“That this meeting of ratepayers of the city of Brisbane is of the opinion that the interests of the inhabitants of this city are so clearly identified with those of Woolloongabba, Coorparoo, and the districts beyond as to require more direct means of intercommunication between these parts of the city, and that the necessity for more central bridge accommodation is urgent and pressing.
The bridge at South Brisbane was congested and unable to carry the traffic, as was patent to everybody, but by building a bridge across to Kangaroo Point they would be benefiting the whole district in that direction.”


24 May 1935 – Sod turning ceremony

Sod turning ceremony to mark construction of Story Bridge. (The Telegraph, 24 May 1935)
Dr. J. J. C. Bradfield speaking at the sod turning ceremony to mark the beginning of the construction of the Story Bridge in Brisbane, 24 May 1935. (Queensland State Archives)
Dr. J. J. C. Bradfield speaking at the sod turning ceremony to mark the beginning of the construction of the Story Bridge in Brisbane, 24 May 1935. (Queensland State Archives)

On 24 May 1935 the then Premier, William-Forgan Smith, broke the ground to mark the beginning of what was originally known as the Brisbane River Bridge (now Story Bridge)  construction project. The official sod turning ceremony was held on the Kangaroo Point side of the new bridge and was attended by a huge crowd and dignitaries. During the ceremony the Premier referred to the bridge as the King George V Silver Jubilee Bridge (Jubilee Bridge) in honour of the reigning monarch who celebrated his Silver Jubilee on 6 May 1935. However, after the king’s death in January 1936 the bridge became known as the King George V Memorial Bridge. In February 1937 Cabinet decided to call it the Story Bridge after the prominent Public Service Commissioner and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland, John Douglas Story.

The Premier, the Hon. W. Forgan Smith turning the first sod, with Dr J J C Bradfield holding the flag. (Queensland State Archives)
Pile driving 14 October 1935. (State Library of Queensland)


Story Bridge under construction from bottom of Main Street. ( supplied:  John H)
Street in Kangaroo Point 1936 during bridge construction. (supplied)

Kangaroo Point during the construction of the Story Bridge, Brisbane, 1936 

Bridge workers working on steel girders high above the Brisbane River during Story Bridge construction ca. 1935-1940. (State Library of Queensland 1064503)
Peter C.   Although built some ninety years ago this marvel still handles today’s traffic burden better than any of the roads leading into it or out of it..Bradfield was a forward thinker.
Marie A.   Bradfield built 6 lanes across when it was horse and cart and not many cars .The engineering work in the 1930’s building the bridge is wonderful. Great photo thanks,  Christa
1937: Petrie Bight Story Bridge Pier under construction. (Brisbane City Council)
A close-up of construction of the Story Bridge pier at Petrie Bight in with a good view of the Water Police Station on the left and the old wharves and cliffs
Looking towards the Fortitude Valley side of the Story Bridge under construction, ca. 1938. (State Library of Queensland)

1939October 1939, nine months before completion. (State Library of Queensland)

Getting closer to completion-28 October 1939. (State Library of Queensland)

A historic photo showing the almost completed Story Bridge and the Howard Smith Wharves on 28 October 1939. The Story Bridge links Kangaroo Point on the right to Fortitude Valley and New Farm on the left. The suspended span of the bridge is being joined with a centre panel of the Story Bridge on the morning of 28 October 1939. (Text and photo State Library of Queensland #185329)

Peter C:  Magnificent piece of Engineering. Forward thinking almost 100 years ago.
Marie A. This beautiful bridge was built with 6 lanes when it was mostly horse & cart .What foresight not knowing the future in transport
Darcy M. James Trackson was driving his car in Brisbane in 1902. By 1915 there were not that many horse and carts left and by 1920 only the milkman, bread man and iceman were still using horses and carts. My Dad was on his 3rd car by 39.