The Lock-Up, Kangaroo Point

In 1872 tenders were called for a lock-up in response to a request from the local constable who needed a secure building in which to lock up drunkards who wandered the streets at night annoying local residents. The tender was later revised to include living accommodation for the constable.

The small lowset timber-framed building tucked away under the Poinciana tree is an important part of the history and the policing of Kangaroo Point.

The present weatherboard structure, built in 1910, includes the cell doors from the 1872 station. It consists of two small cells and a verandah and has a corrugated iron gable roof. The heavy tongue and groove timber doors of the cells still have their original bolts and peep holes.

Original cell doors from the 1872 station showing bolts and peep holes.

In 1928 the station was demolished and a new building erected. The cell block remained intact but from 1928 basically was used for storage.

In 1964 the police districts were re-defined and the Kangaroo Point station was absorbed by Woolloongabba station. The station building was used only as a residence for the local constables until 1967 when it was demolished to make way for the Story Bridge Expressway. However, the cell block was never removed from the site. It is now heritage-listed and used as a reception area by local architect firm Robin Spencer Architects.