Williamina Park

Williamina Park, 66 Mowbray Terrace, East Brisbane
Williamina Park in 2020. (supplied: C.Gerard)

On 6 June 1888, the South BrisbaneTown Council bought seven 14 perch lots on Mowbray Terrace between Northcote and Heidelberg Streets for a public reserve in the new suburb of Mowbraytown.

Williamina Mowbray (State Library of Queensland)

The tiny park was unnamed until the mid 1990s when the Brisbane East Branch of the National Trust of Queensland petitioned to have it attractively landscaped and named Williamina in honour of Rev. Mowbray’s wife. Descendants of the Mowbray family attended the naming ceremony on 14 June 1997.
(adapted from Mowbraytown Heritage)

Close-up of park sign. (supplied: C.Gerard)


Williamina Park 2020. (supplied: C.Gerard)

Laurie T
The park  was named after Williamina Mowbray who with her husband Thomas owned large parcels of land in the area. The park was originally known by the locals as No Name Park and it gained its current name in 1997. However it took some years for the sign at the park to be corrected from the incorrect Wilhemina. Some years after Thomas died Williamina subdivided the land bounded by the now Lytton Road, Heidelberg Street (only one side of half of the street), Mowbray Terrace and Geelong Street. She called it the Mowbraytown Estate but sold the whole subdivided estate in one transaction.