Lord Mayor arrives in Indian canoe to open Adventurers Clubhouse

The official opening of the Adventurers Clubhouse was a very special occasion. On Saturday evening 15 April 1972, two club members rowed the official guest, Lord Mayor, Clem Jones, in a sixteen- foot Indian canoe across the river from Customs House to the clubhouse on the opposite side of the river at Kangaroo Point. Clem then officially opened the clubhouse.

Here’s how the Sunday Mail reported the unique event the next day, 16 April 1972.Top picture: Paddling his own canoe? Hardly likely when the Lord Mayor (Alderman Jones) had Win Henderson (stern) and Rod Jarvis (bow) do it for him. Alderman Jones was paddled across the Brisbane River by these two Adventurers Club directors to open the club’s new Kangaroo Point Premises.
Bottom picture:  CLEM DAREN’T ROCK THIS BOAT Lord Mayor Clem Jones was taken for a ride last night – by canoe across the Brisbane River. He was paddled from the Customs House wharf to Kangaroo Point where he officially opened the Adventurers Club’s new clubhouse.

As well as adventure activities the club promoted jazz and 1972 is therefore considered the official origin of the Brisbane Jazz Club  which purchased the premises in 1985.

You can read more about the Jazz club on our Clubs and Communities page https://kangaroopointhistory.com.au/photo-gallery/community-clubs/brisbane-jazz-club/ ‎


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