Kindergartens in the early days

With the current national focus on childcare and kindergartens, let’s look at some of the earliest kindergartens in our areas.

The Creche and Kindergarten Association (C&K) is a well-known and highly regarded not for profit organisation which was set up in 1907. Mary Josephine Bedford, long-time partner of Dr Lilian Cooper of Kangaroo Point, was the driving force behind setting up the C&K. Association in 1907 and the Playground Association in Brisbane, with a special focus on providing supervised play for children in poorer areas.

You can read more about Mary J. Bedford at Mary Josephine Bedford

Small children seated at a table in the Woolloongabba Kindergarten centre. Two women are supervising the children. (SLQ 44263).
Children working outdoors at a bench in the grounds of the Fiveways Kindergarten on Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba, Brisbane. The principal was Miss Lucy Morris. (SLQ 86203).

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