Fireman dies while fighting fire at Kangaroo Point cliffs

The Kangaroo Point cliffs,  a popular scenic spot for locals and visitors, were the scene of a tragic fatal accident involving a fireman doing his job.

On Saturday night 13 May 1950 Kenneth Towerton, a 29-year-old South Brisbane fireman fell to his death while trying to put out a grass fire at the top of the cliffs. He jumped over a 4ft 6in picket fence to trample out the fire unaware that it bordered the cliff edge which was obscured by smoke and hurtled down the jagged cliff face. When rescuers found him at the bottom of the cliff he was conscious, even laughed and joked, but died in the ambulance on the way to hospital. A spectator saved two other firemen from jumping over the fence by grabbing at their coat tails and pulling them back.

The scene of the accident as reported in The Courier Mail of 13 May 1950.
The sad story of the fallen fireman.
Plaque commemorating Kenneth Towerton erected by Monument Australia.

Council agree to repair the fence and improve cliff safety.

Scenic location of the plaque at top of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

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