Elegant living in the early 1900s

Not everyone lived in workers cottages in the early days of Kangaroo Point. There were many well-to-do families who built stylish houses and had a busy social life.  One example is the ‘Residence’, a two-storey brick house with sash windows and arched porch, possibly 23 Walmsley Street, Kangaroo Point, home of the Hughes family. (Description supplied with photograph.) The front garden is laid out with flower beds and shrubs,(photo and text: SLQ #70335).

This family group photograph also shows their clothing and the rich furnishings of the room’s interior. To the left of the group is a whatnot stand (an antique stand with shelves for small objects) and a metal photograph frame. The two older girls and Mrs Hughes are all wearing their hair in an upswept style. 

Mr and Mrs George Hughes with their two daughters pictured in the garden of their home. The family are posing together with cane chairs and there is a small cane table covered with a lace cloth.

The residence which was built in 1890-91 is now listed on the Brisbane Local Heritage Register. Here are a two pictures of how it looked in 1999 and 2005.