A yacht floating down Main Street

Can you imagine this? During the ‘Great Flood’ of February 1893 the yacht Harriet found itself in Main Street, Kangaroo Point,

Yacht Harriet in Main Street, Kangaroo Point in 1893 flood. Sketch from: Souvenir of floods: Southern Queensland, February 1893. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

There were devastating floods in Brisbane and southern Queensland in 1893. The February Flood was often referred to at The Great Flood of 1893 or the Black February Flood. It occurred when the Brisbane River burst its banks on three occasions in February 1893. There was another flood later in June of the same year. The flooding was responsible for 35 deaths and forced the hospitalisation of 190 residents.

For more flood pictures see http://• https://kangaroopointhistory.com.au/the-river/floods/

Campbell M:
The pub and many of the older homesteads are built further up Main St for a reason.

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